Last Monday (11/29/10)was my first MMM experience and I must say, I am addicted. I want a “T” shirt, I want a hat. I want to win gift certificates and most of all I want to bask in the fellowship of all of the other MMM runner/walkers before, during and after the 3 mile trek.

Most of all, I would say that walking the downtown stretch, and being in more-or-less ground zero for Tucson’s homeless, I feel a certain energy that feeds my concern for those less fortunate then me. You see, I am a writer and I recently finished my latest book titled “Will Work 4 Food.”  This sobering novel is a series of mini biographies about our homeless; those who live on our streets, told in their own words. During the research phase of this ministry my live was changed, forever. Last Monday, which was one of the coldest evenings recorded in recent times brought me face to face, once again, with those who touched my heart.

“Can you spare a few bucks?” was asked of me by a man standing on a corner, a cold and lonely corner. Most people would ignore him and walk away, pretending he didn’t exist. “Sorry, I don’t have any cash on me,” I replied in a soft gentle tone. I continued speaking with him for a moment asking him if he was okay for the night; did he have a warm place to sleep I probed. He replied, “I’m fine and will be warm tonight.” We both smiled at each other as me and my group continued along our path. They didn’t even see the interaction. This man, who was to most, invisible, for a brief moment was a somebody, a somebody that I cared about…I still care.

That 20 second interaction warmed me deeply inside and I can still feel the toastyness encasing my soul. It is good!

So when you are out there, doing your MMM walk or run, and you see a homeless person, remember, that they are someones brother or sister, mother or father, son or daughter. You don’t have to give them money…instead try giving them a smile and maybe even a blessing. It is an amazing thing.

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Together you and I can change the world…one person at a time.

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Richard S. Hunter