MMM Etiquette

Forgive us for stating the obvious here, but please understand that these rules of etiquette will protect the ongoing enjoyment of MMM and all of its benefits. None of these rules are being stressed without issues that have arisen because a very few of us just need to be reminded.

  • Walk on or near the sidewalk at all times, facing traffic, and be respectful to drivers.

  • When using MMM gift certificates:

    • Use one gift certificate per visit.

    • Tip on the full amount of the tab.

    • Do not expect cash back if you do not use the entire amount, unless it is a gift card that can be electronically managed.

    • Read and respect the expiration date if there is one.  Do not ask for exceptions. Our gift certificates are awarded during or immediately after the month they are dated. Most are valid for six months.

Thank you