• Walk on the sidewalk whenever possible…otherwise on the side of the street facing traffic. Please yield to cars on the street…with a smile. 🙂 This is especially important on Meyer St. going south. 
  • Tip the bartender and the band…your beer was only $2!! 🙂
  • You must have a MMM hand stamp to receive restaurant discounts…get stamp when you check in.
  • Individuals responsible for own safety…walk/run defensively and obey traffic signals.
  • Children to be supervised at all times.
  • Please do not allow your dog to bark on the patio. Thank you.
  • Register online at or before your  first walk/run.
  • Check-in on subsequent walk/runs…you must check in every Monday to be eligible for free incentive awards.
  • We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to check in from home or on your smartphone. Saves time for everyone. Just go to (put it in your favorites), type your last name slowly and wait for your name to appear in a menu. Click or tap your name and you are in!!
  • You must be 21 years old to purchase or drink our $2 drafts on Maynards patio. Bring your ID.
  • Obey traffic signals!!
  • Walkers, be mindful of runners behind you…don’t force them to run in the street to get around you.
  • Courteous behavior requested at all times.
  • Tip the bartender and the band…:-)
  • Be VERY loud when we do the MMM cheer…GET OUT!!!

Oh, we almost forgot…obey all traffic signals!!

Have fun!!!