Date Run Returning New Kids Total Notes
2022-01-1767326593282Wow, awesome evening listening to some free jazz in Hoco Plaza. Thank you to all for being flexible in the closing ceremony time change.
2022-01-10672250113270Thank you to all who came out to celebrate with Beyond - windy night but we all survived!
2022-01-0367125852268Thank you to everyone who is starting 2022 with some healthy activity. Next Monday we start at 4:30 with additional activities in support Beyond Foundation annual event.
2021-12-2767019642208Great meeting many out of state visitors! Thank you for bringing your friends & family to our wonderful event. Dr Craig earned his double century shirt - woo hoo!
2021-12-2066924712254Ugly sweater day - there were some beauties. Make sure to check out newsletter & social media for pictures! Shawn H earned his #500 shirt - only took him 10 years!!! Awesome job Shawn
2021-12-1366826282275Congrats Melva to earning her first 10MMM shirt and Soledad & Nancy for accomplishing their century shirts!! Holiday crispness is in the air, look forward to seeing everyone next Monday with their ugly holiday sweaters!
2021-12-0666726642276Great evening for handing out incentive awards to our fantastic athletes: 20x = Barbara, Hillary & Sylvia 50x= Marianne, 100x = Paul & Jerry and 200x = Caroline & Luke. Thank you all for your continued support of MMM!
2021-11-2966625502261Great end to November with the Cochise County All Stars on stage. Mary H earned her #400, since she was not in person we will make sure she gets her shirt for well deserved efforts!
2021-11-2266525953272A evening of incentive awards! Big kudos going out to Bob Howard & Bev Goodwin for both earning their #500 shirts, Patty Burger received a standing O for her double century shirt, Jane Gilmore received her century shirt & rounding out the group was Nancy Treiber who earned her first shirt after completing 10 check-ins! Congrats to all!
2021-11-15664267172294Mid November & the beauty of our Tucson Weather is unbelievable! We welcome many of our participants who decided to return after last Monday & those who have decided to rejoin us after a long hiatus - Welcome Back!! Congrats to our big time earners: Sallye Williams for #400, Nancy Davison for #300
2021-11-08663421955541WOW! What a night...we had no idea we were going to have have such a great turnout. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the volunteers who helped, for our regular participants for sharing the love of Meet Me at Maynards, to the U of A FF School of Music for the great music & for our Tucson community for coming out to join us in being active, experiencing all Tucson has to offer!!! #Getmmmoving2021
2021-11-0166227082285Arizona Theatre company is back to donating 2 tickets to upcoming performances - Thank You!!
2021-10-2566124592261Shout out to Cassa P & Valerie B for earning their MMM 200 shirts! Arthur S earned his 100 shirt, Lon H Gwen O & Edward G all scoring their 20x cap & of course Nancy S for taking home her initial 10x shirt. Also shout out to Cochise County All Star for another fantastic performance on the last Monday of the month!
2021-10-1866026642279What a wonderful evening with Trash Night & the Wildcat's women's softball team out to volunteer with us!
2021-10-11659265123284Fall is in the air & we had fantastic attendance with so many earning incentive awards: Janice H = 300, Dale F = 200, Margaret D & Susan R = 100, Tori S, Vanessa & Anissa A = 50, Ken K, Marlene G and Gayle R =10. Wow what a night!!
2021-10-04658252172277Last night was a night of true dedication & support of MMM & our community. Thank you to everyone who came out - you all are Amazing!! We had 17 new participants - welcome!
2021-09-2765725363265Adaptable was the word for the day! We met in front breezeway of Maynards due to a huge concert at Hotel Congress Plaza. Everyone made the best of it - thank you so much! Amy K earned her cap, Heather M earned her pin, Elsa S & Nancy S earned their 100x shirt, Patrick K and Allen B both earned their 300x shirt & we celebrated Celeste O who earned her 500 shirt awhile back but was in person last night!!
2021-09-2065621183227Beautiful evening under the harvest moon. We celebrated Keith Koster with his #500 century shirt!! Woot Hoot!!
2021-09-1365523073245Beautiful night with The Determined Luddites on stage. Bonnie M & Sylvia R both earned their shirts for 10x in attendance. 3 century shirt earners in the house tonight: Vic & Cheryl T and Venecia R!
2021-09-0665421982235Happy Labor Day! 8 new participants signed up on Monday - Welcome! Andrea & John Wise earned their #100 century shirts!! Thanks for coming out for an awesome evening!
2021-08-3065323052241It seemed as if the rain was going to pour, however, it was kept at bay with just cool temps. Thanks to everyone who took the chance and came out to MMM!
2021-08-2365223542245Lots of award earners this Monday - Jerry L, Kim & Dan M, Sara H all earned their pins for 50 x in attendance, Michele R scored her century shirt & Susan Y received a MMM Marvelous for 400 x in attendance!! As of 8/23/21 we updated the award breakdowns - 10x initial shirt & 20 for cap - easy peasy, you got this!
2021-08-1665123543245Chris & Ram S both earned 100x century shirts, Eglatine H earned her cap for 15x in attendance & Ed S earned his first t-shirt for attending 8x.
2021-08-0965023342242Great Monday to Get Out! Cooler temps, the renovated HoCo plaza was open. Lots of award earners!! Rose L earned her 50X pin, George B earned his 100X shirt, Midge O earned her 200X shirt & Ruthy & Mike T earned their 400# shirts - Excellent job athletes!
2021-08-0264923212238Ready Set Rec vans were out in full force! Christine K and Alexander Lamear both earned their shirt for attending 8x!! Yippee! Astrid S earned her 50x pin! Temps were higher than normal but our athletes always show up ready to rock!!
2021-07-2664824102245Fantastic evening with Cochise County All-Stars playing some tunes. Congrats to Andrew H for earning his pin for 50x, as well as David & Kelly C for earning their caps. You rock athletes!
2021-07-1964721903226Reza M, Maria & Richard P all earned their t-shirts for 8x in attendance. William B gave a big "Get Out" earning his cap for 15x in attendance. Andrea S earned her pin for 50x attending. Great job crew in getting out & staying active!
2021-07-1264620223212Whew it was a muggy night but thrilled to have you all join us in being active! Congrats to our Farmer's agent, Jaime Overturf for earning her 8x shirt, our event Manager, Lisa Delaossa for earning her 50x pin & special shout out to Rick U for earning his 400x shirt!
2021-07-0564522573240Lots of award earners tonight - Pamela L, Gila B both earned tshirt for 8X. Patti L & Chris S picked up a pin for 50x at MMM, Melissa B earned her century shirt & Tessa C conquered her 300x shirt!! Congrats to all!
2021-06-2864422743239Hotel Congress begins construction but we are a flexible group. Laurie C earned her #300 shirt & Gary K & Alex G both earned their first shirt with 8x in attendance!!
2021-06-2164322043232Trash night - Phyllis & Jean did a phenomenal job. Patrick S earned his #200, Dale & Tracie R earned #100 & Julie T earned her cap for 50X! Great job to all!
2021-06-1464220103209It was a HOT one! Thank you to everyone who came out, especially The Determined Luddites who gave us some great entertainment, keeping our minds off the heat! Dinner Call Out at Fired Pie was a success!! Jean S earned her #200 shirt & Tom C his #300!!!
2021-06-0764124643260Cheryl earned her #300 shirt - way to go! Love our athletes who are coming out as temps increase - you rock!
2021-05-31640196103216John & Susan Lelli both earned their #400, plus had a 3 year old, Caryssa earn her #100 shirt!!!
2021-05-2463929013299(6) 8X shirt earners, (2) 15x caps & (2) pins - fantastic job to all!
2021-05-1763827933292Trash Night - thanks Bev & Jeff! - Many people heading off on vacation but still great turn out!
2021-05-1063728454300Roma back on the stage announcing - First mural walk in quite some time - thank you Denise & Phyllis!
2021-05-0363627633287First month back in person in the books! Restaurants beginning to open back up. Carmen H earned 8x t-shirt, Emerson L earned double century shirt & Carol Jo S earned triple century shirt!! Way to go everyone!
2021-04-2663526823278Beautiful evening downtown - Carl R earned his shirt, Kelly C earned her #15 cap & Louise S, Joshua L & Emma Z earned #50 pin
2021-04-1963435175375Trash night - keeping downtown clean! The Determined Luddites awesome as always!
2021-04-1263332545349Another great turnout at Hotel Congress! Lots of new participants which we love!
2021-04-0563231645340Our first live event since the fall - great turn out - Denise Leahy earned #600 shirt - amazing!
2021-03-2963126303281One week until in person! Phil taking us on vacation as he checks out the weinermobile
2021-03-2263026603284It was Tutu day! Also had 9 people who earned incentive awards!! Great job!
2021-03-1562925513274We have go live date of 4/5/2021 - lots of volunteers onboard - Can't wait!! Will Dobbs hit #300!!
2021-03-0862827103289Amanda, James & Tillie all hit their 50 visits!!
2021-03-0162726113280Beautiful weather - lots of great pics. Robert G earned 100 shirt
2021-02-2262631903337TuTu great response with pics Theo Hicken Paquin won tshirt - Largest participation this year!
2021-02-1562526013279Happy Monday! Our Meet Me Athletes are still getting out and earning their awards! Great job, Norm on your 200! Next week, we're having a TUTU (22)! #GetMMMoving2021
2021-02-0862426103279We have two awesome athletes that earned their century club tonight! Frank and Christina! You rock! We are so grateful to Why I Love Where I Live for giving away a T-Shirt each week just for checking in! Stay safe, and know we are coming back together just not quite yet! #GetMMMoving2021 #StaySafe
2021-02-0162325403272Congratulations to Dave on his 100! With MMM there is always something to celebrate! Happy Birthday to Dale, and everyone - keep on getting out! #GetMMMoving2021
2021-01-2562221403232Snow day! We had a rainy and cool day, and our athletes still got out! Way to go! Thank you to Why I Love Where I Live for a free t-shirt raffle prize! Stay safe, everyone! #GetMMMoving2021
2021-01-1862126803286MLK Day 2021! So much to celebrate! Photo Mike has earned his 400 shirt, and Kate has earned her 300! We can get you your shirts, caps and pins, if you email us at! #GetMMMoving2021!
2021-01-1162026703285Fantastic, so many athletes got out, despite the windy day! Tonight, Why I Love Where I Live has decided to give out a free T-Shirt, just for signing in! Check In next week, you may be lucky! #GetMMMoving2021
2021-01-09619350040Beyond 2021! We encourage you all to keep getting exercise and stay healthy! #GetMMMoving2021
2021-01-0461826403282Becky makes it to 300 MMMs! Wow, time flies! John in Alaska earns his cap, but unfortunately we can't ship them. Come to Tucson, once COVID is sorted! #TheGreatGetOut2020 or #GetMMMoving2021! We will get back to "In Person" again soon, stay safe!
2020-12-2861725703275Congratulations to Marco on turning 400, and our world turns to 2021 for a change of everything! Hooray! Please email us ( if you have earned your shirt, cap, or pin, and send us your selfies! Welcome to the new MMM! #TheGreatGetOut2020, and #GetMMMoving2021!
2020-12-2161626123281Debbie and Phil turned 100 tonight! Our MMM Athletes know consistency is key to health and fitness! Keep going, and keep sending your selfies! Have a Merry Christmas! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-12-1461527203290Congratulations to all our MMM Athletes earning their awards today! Taking care of yourself with consistent exercise is so important! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-12-0761426503283Congratulations to Rob and Karen, on 300, Joanne and Frank on 200 and so many other winners! Tons of great selfie photos from almost 300 folks, Getting Out and Staying Safe! Send us your safe selfies, we'll save you an MMM mask, while supplies last! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-11-3061327223293Meet Me will be Virtual Only for the next few weeks. We truly care about our commitment to health! Congrats to Bill on his 100th! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-11-2361227913299Beautiful evening for walking or running! Even some SAR friends came back out for a run! Happy Thanksgiving, Tucson! #TheGreatGetOut2020 #WhatWillWeCallThisInJanuary?
2020-11-1661130773333Larry turns 200! Way to go! This was a gorgeous warm weather evening and the band sounded great! We are still giving away prizes to virtual participants, please stay safe! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-11-0961027903297What a perfect temp for walking with friends! Thank you so much to the 85 of you that joined us at Hotel Congress in person safely! We love to hear our Determined Luddites! #TheGreatGetOut2020!
2020-11-0260926713286Stay safe and healthy, Meet Me Athletes! Congratulations to John and Maryann on their 200!! Hope to see exactly 125 of you next Monday at Hotel Congress, with masks on! Please make your reservations now for Cup Cafe for the 16th! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-10-2660826833289Thank you to the Hotel Congress staff for welcoming us back! A cold and windy night couldn't keep us away! We are so excited to be back, and we stayed safe and warm under the patio heaters! November 9th, we'll be there again, and bring the band back! See you then, with our masks on! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-10-1960726503283Congrats to Joanie on her 200! Our MMM athletes are getting out! Thank you to The Determined Luddites for the Livestream! We apologize for our technical skills, but the band sounds great! They will be at Hotel Congress November 9th, if you are ready to come back! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-10-1260623203250Hip, Hip, Hooray, for David on his 300th MMM! Thank you for all those photos! If you have earned your shirt, email us, we will help you get it! Keep getting out, we hope to see you soon. #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-10-0560526003278Three of our athletes turned 100 tonight! Jessica, Dan and Erika, here's to your health, way to go! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-09-2860426403282We are constantly impressed by our MMM Athletes! Please keep Getting Out! Keep treating yourselves well! We will be together again soon! And Congrats to Tom H. on his 50 pin! Email us if you've earned a shirt or cap while we have been apart! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-09-2160325813277We congratulate our friend Nan on her 400th MMM! We hope to be back together soon! Please stay safe, and keep getting out! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-09-1460226613285Wow! Thank you to our friends, the Determined Luddites for a mini-show! We know we had some tech issues, but we are "Determined" to try again! Please keep checking in and keep Getting OUT! We want our community healthy! #TheGreatGetOUT2020!
2020-09-0760123803256Happy Labor Day - and way to go to all our MM Athletes! Some of us ran Saguaro East, in support of the SAR tradition! Congrats to Diane B., on earning her 300 shirt and jealous of Michele in Montana where they had snow today! The secret is out, Hotel Congress is re-opening, and there is HOPE to get back to MMM in person! Stay tuned! #TheGreatGetOut2020!
2020-08-3160025603274600! Meet Me at Maynards has had 600 events! Wow, and thank you Tucson! Congratulations to Phil, on 300 Kristin on 200, and every single one of our Meet Me athletes on Getting Out, all these years, and through this time of distancing! We value social interaction, and we will get there soon! Hang tough! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-08-2459926613285Today Meet Me Athletes showed they are NOT giving up, instead they are getting out! Next week marks our 600th consecutive Meet Me at Maynards, and you should congratulate yourselves! Please stay well, and we look forward to your selfies! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-08-1759826413283We are so delighted by all our athletes taking care of themselves by getting out! Keep it up, send us your selfies, and email us about your free shirt/cap/pin! We are very very close to MMM's 600th event, and YOU made it happen! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-08-1059723923259Those MMM Athletes are doing their best to support local businesses! Congrats to the winners of tonight's gift cards to Magpie's and Boca Tacos! Thanks for all the gorgeous selfie photos, including those from Washington and Australia!! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-08-0359625303271Jeff turns 400!! Congratulations! Thanks so much to all our athletes for taking great care of themselves, and getting out safely! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-07-2759524403262We are delighted with all the photos you are sending in! Thank you all for Getting Out! Congratulations to Phyllis on your 400! Please stay safe and well! Thank you to our sponsors for buying the raffle prizes! We value our community, and we will be back together! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-07-2059425203270Clouds! We are hoping for rain, but we are so grateful for our MMM athletes getting out and picking up trash downtown! Please keep getting out and support our Meet Me businesses! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-07-1359321713236Way to go MMM athletes, for staying safe and getting out! Congrats to Tim on 300, Yolanda and Danny on 100 each! Please continue to support our Meet Me restaurants and businesses! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-07-0659221523235Tonight it was HOT out! Monica earned her 300 shirt, Kelly earned her 100, and a few of you earned your pins! Way to go! Please email us to pick up your free items, you have earned those status symbols!! Keep going you've got this! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-06-2959122803246You Rock, David, welcome to the Century Club! Thank you to all of our athletes, for being safe out there! We can't wait to see you again, but in the meantime, please keep checking in! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-06-2259020913228Congratulations to our Raffle winners! We are all so grateful for our sponsors, our restaurants and businesses, and YOU for taking care of yourselves! Keep it up! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-06-1558922103239Great job, staying healthy and active! Tonight we congratulate Ed on 400 and Michelle on 300! Let us know your size, and we'll tell you how to come pick up your shirt! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-06-0858823503253We are grateful for all of you MMM athletes and your commitment to health! Congrats to Bob on his 100! Stay safe, Tucson! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-06-0158720503223A rainy night to cool us all off. Thanks to a small but diligent group who picked up trash Downtown! Be super safe, we want to see you again soon! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-05-2558621913238We are so proud of our Meet Me Athletes, getting out during this strange time! Congratulations, especially Elizabeth who turned 400 tonight! #TheGreatGetOut2020 We are going to be back together soon!
2020-05-1858523703255There are so many reasons Meet Me at Maynards is important to our community. Thank you for being part of us! Keep taking care of yourselves. We hope to see you in person soon! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-05-1158424513264Julie celebrates a 300, Kate a 200, and restaurants are starting to open again! Hang tough, MM Athletes, we'll be together again someday! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-05-0458324402261Getting out, all over town today! Please keep taking care of yourselves! Thank you all for supporting our Meet Me restaurants and businesses! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-04-2758224003258Virtual Walking Night! Roma, our beloved announcer, has made it to 500! We will celebrate together soon, to hand out all the shirts/caps/pins we have missed! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-04-2058126102278We have such dedicated athletes! Some even picked up trash on Trash Night! Please keep supporting your local favorite restaurants and businesses! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-04-13580256111279Congratulations to all Meet Me at Maynards athletes! You have kept this going for 11 years! Happy Anniversary - we look forward to being together again! #TheGreatGetOut2020
2020-04-0657922612244We have so much to look forward to. Please be safe and well. We will see you as soon as it is safe! Thanks for all the selfies! Keep them coming! #TheGreatGetOut2020 needs YOU!
2020-03-3057820910225You rock, MMM Athletes, even virtual walking has brought us together as a community! Don't worry, we will hold your t-shirts and caps until we can safely get back together! #TheGreatGetOut2020!
2020-03-2357723410250Gary turned 500! Those high fives will have to be virtual, but we are so proud of all our athletes! #TheGreatGetOut2020 is definitely happening! Send us your selfies!
2020-03-1657620200213This was our very first Virtual Walk, from wherever you are now! Please keep exercising, we'll be back together soon! #TheGreatGetOut2020!
2020-03-09575342325410Thanks to our awesome Mural walk leaders! Temps were perfect and that band is outstanding!
2020-03-0257424883289No rain actually came, despite the threats! Thank you to AZ Theatre Company for the tickets and Goalmasters Business Alliance for joining us! Congrats to David, Sheryl and 1st Time Mike for 200!
2020-02-24573313176371Beautiful evening! Thanks to Maynards, the Cochise County All-Stars, and Fired Pie for a lovely night out!
2020-02-17572358275422Gorgeous trash night out! Thank you for bringing your friends along, they loved it!
2020-02-1057118953224Pouring rain! Thank you so much to HealthOn University for the treats, exercise and inside tour. What a nice facility! Thank you to Goalmasters Business Alliance and Big Brothers Big Sisters for joining us!
2020-02-03570285176336Cold and windy, but Goalmasters and SARSEF had a wonderful time getting out with us! Next week, visit HealthOn University to get raffle tickets that might win Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons at the TCC for February 15th!
2020-01-27569349226407Moira from El Rio came to join us! El Rio is celebrating 50 years, and we've got a field trip to HealthOn University coming up for you! Look forward to giving you more info next week!
2020-01-20568342166398Happy MLK Day! The Jazz Festival wrapped up spectacularly! Thank you to everyone who helped our community by picking up trash! Congrats to all our Meet Me athletes earning their swag, and we will see you next week for Boca Tacos Call Out!
2020-01-13567336127394Thank you to Rio Nuevo for the Jazz Festival tickets, and Arizona Theatre Company for tickets to Master Harold and The Boys! Welcome to Goalmasters, our new sponsors! And our newest Meet Me Business, Smoothie Factory!
2020-01-11566605184Lovely day for a BEYOND 2020 Celebration! We met at the Mercado Annex, walked to Mission Garden, had a great talk by Kendall, came back and had Burgers at Beaut, (Thanks, Ari!) and some lucky folks won Jazz tickets from Rio Nuevo!
2020-01-06565338228404Welcome to our new sponsors: Jaime Overturf at Farmers Insurance and Goalmasters! Please join us Saturday at 11 am at the Mercado Annex for our Annual Beyond Event, we'll walk to Mission Gardens!
2019-12-30564253169315Cold night, but we are already celebrating! Happy 2020! Looking forward to our Beyond event!
2019-12-23563184147239What a beautiful night out for walking and running with friends and family! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our athletes!
2019-12-165622421527642 degrees! Winter is upon us! Thank you for picking up trash! Next week should be 70! Come out and make some new friends! Meet Me Wednesdays will be at St. Philip's on Christmas Day, if you want to get out!
2019-12-0956121085250Threats of rain were greatly exaggerated, but many MMM athletes chickened out. Nothing against chickens... Reilly Craft Pizza was phenomenal! Wow! Thank you! Three lucky winners got tickets for ice skating, thanks to Rio Nuevo! We have more for next week!
2019-12-02560286149344The holidays are in the air! Thank you so much to Tucson Electric Power for the thoughtful cocoa, candy canes, blinking lights, bulbs, and tote bags! Wow! thank you to the Arizona Theatre Company for the Tickets to Cabaret! Next week, let's all go out for Reilly Craft Pizza after Meet Me!
2019-11-25559284118330What fun we had doing indoor laps at the Tucson Convention Center Arena! Thanks for the Downtown Space Discovery, Jannie! Happy Thanksgiving - see you next week for cocoa and candy canes from our friends at Tucson Electric Power!
2019-11-18558370257445Congratulations Tucson, on being named a Runner Friendly Community! Thank you Run Tucson, for bringing us a great party! Thank you to all of our trashers, for making Tucson Clean and Beautiful!
2019-11-11557351198408Now THAT was a good time! Great to see you all, and Happy Veterans Day! The Cup Cafe hosted 40 of us!! Wow! See you next week for something very special - and please wear your Meet Me Shirt!
2019-11-04556336147384Lovely evening for walking, running or dancing! Join us Veteran's Day for dinner at the Cup Cafe!
2019-10-28555302147358What a terrific night! We toured the Tucson Museum of Art and enjoyed a delicious dinner at Charro Steak! This weather is almost - "cool?!" How odd!!
2019-10-21554315116360Beautiful weather for picking up trash! Thank you, Tucson! All hail Lawrence, the Hula Hoop King! Thanks to Ten55 Brewing for a fun dinner with friends! Don't miss next week's tour of the the Tucson Museum of Art!!
2019-10-14553250199307Fall is here! Gorgeous night out! Thank you to Handi-Dogs for bringing us some adorable new friends! Join us next week for Trash Night and Hula Hooping - Bonus raffle tickets if you can do both at once!
2019-10-07552260147310Lots of runners and walkers out! Two weeks until trash night, three weeks until our next Downtown Space Discovery! Thanks for bringing all your friends!
2019-09-30551277255334So much cooler out. Loads of friends came back out! Thanks so much to all our super volunteers! Can't wait to see you next week! Remember - Raffle Time changes to 6:45 next week!
2019-09-23550249116296A lovely and cool start, and thanks so much to the Arizona Theatre Company for our backstage tours of the Temple of Music and Art!! Wonderful to see our friends from the Greater Purpose Project! Pouring Rain and again with the lightning, drove us all inside Maynards! Loads of thanks to Junior, and to the Determined Luddites!
2019-09-1654916487201Rain and lightning kept many away, but thank you to all who picked up trash! Nicole from El Rio Los Vecinos gave us a great raffle prize, and we thank Street Taco for hosting our dinner call out!
2019-09-09548258105300Mural walks were great, thank you to our volunteer leaders! Welcome new Meet Me Business Borderlands Brewing! See you next week for Street Taco!
2019-09-0254716576201Happy Labor Day! Next week, mural walks and so much fun coming up soon!
2019-08-2654620335237Super lucky night for someone, Arizona Theatre Company tickets!! Hey, our next Downtown Space Discovery will tour there on September 23rd!!
2019-08-19545201107242Hot, but great trash night, and bartender Christa's Happy Birthday! Welcome new restaurant Playground, and we'll see you next week at Boca Tacos!
2019-08-12544243196291What a night! The Determined Luddites celebrated their 10th Anniversary!! Short Mural Walks were super popular, thank you Denise and Phyllis! Charro Del Rey was delicious as a call-out! See you next week for Trash Night!
2019-08-05543177235228Pouring rain, we love monsoon season! Congrats to Sallye for her 300!! Next week, join us at Charro Del Rey!
2019-07-29542208196258Mural Walks in the rain! Fantastic night out with friends and family! Be here next week - we love a monsoon! Thank you to Denise, Phyllis and Jannie!
2019-07-2254118964221We had a Great Big Monsoon MTTM Tutu Night, under the patio! Wow! Great celebration to end Maynards to the Moon!
2019-07-1554016894201That was a very, very hot night! Thank you to all for picking up trash! See you next week for Tutu and Moon Night!
2019-07-08539224137272What a terrific night for walking, or running! Thank you to Kim and Deb from TMC Healthcare for joining us. And Fired Pie for hosting a terrific call-out! Yum!
2019-07-0153818974226That was a hot one - 109, but we all love our Downtown! Join us next week for a call out at Fired Pie! Congrats to Bill and Laurel on 100's!
2019-06-24537201136245What a lovely night! Only 100 degrees out! Great to see you all, and thanks for bringing friends along - Bossa Rhythm Project rocked, as always!
2019-06-17536224196276Again, lots of folks brought new friends! Sweet! An excellent trash night, thank you all, especially Bev and Jeff! Congrats to Celeste on her 400, and Midge for 100!
2019-06-10535236179284Loads of new folks tonight! Gorgeous weather and hint of rain. Ten55 was delicious - what fun!
2019-06-03534284117328The Determined Luddites rocked it with a whole new set! Thank you so much to Natalie Hua from Tucson Orthopedic Institute leading the WellWalk. And congrats on earning your shirt!
2019-05-27533273248327Wow, the mural walks were a huge success! Thank you to Denise, Phyllis, Gail and Jannie for leading them! Memorial Day in Tucson: We are a strong community!
2019-05-20532264106301A cold and windy night - No, really, it was!! The band sounded great, and what a fun night to get out with our friends! Thanks for picking up trash!
2019-05-13531340164380Gorgeous weather, great band, and Congrats to Kim, Cathy and Gary on your 400! Urban Pita was delicious, thank you, Jannie!
2019-05-06530323195375Congratulations, Denise on 500!! Thanks to Natalie Hua from Tucson Orthopedic Institute for leading the WellWalk! This was a lovely night, temps were perfect!
2019-04-29529329297400Agave Heritage Festival is in full swing! The wind picked up a bit, but we still had a fun night together! Great to see John and Susie! Thank you Bossa Rhythm Project, and Boca Tacos rocked!
2019-04-22528352307420Splash of rain, then a perfect night out for tutus and picking up trash! We are so delighted that Julie and Doug have earned their 500 shirts! High five, indeed!
2019-04-15527900211501402A wonderful 10th birthday celebration!
2019-04-08526376324439Thank you Fox Theatre for the super nifty tour! Not a bad turnout for being the NCAA Championship night! Next week - MMM Birthday Party at Hotel Congress!! Can't wait!
2019-04-01525412365488Maynards to the Moon ended with a spectacular party! Thank you to all our participants! Next week - tour the Fox Theatre!
2019-03-25524409245466Wonderful turnout for our Mural Tour! Thank you, Roni! Janos dinner afterward was so delicious!
2019-03-18523396377463Thank you El Presidio Museum for hosting a great Downtown Space Discovery! Next week we have a Mural Tour and Downtown Kitchen and Cocktails! Can't wait!
2019-03-11522347286402A little windy, but we are so glad you came out for the fun, even with cooler temps looming! Get OUT, Tucson! We announced our upcoming DSD's - Check the Website!
2019-03-04521366344426Downtown Tucson is the place to be on Mondays! We have so much fun coming up, you won't want to miss it!
2019-02-25520391203431We celebrated a very Happy Birthday to Kim! Welcome to our newest Meet Me Restaurant, Boca Tacos Y Tequila! Thanks for getting out, come back next week!
2019-02-185191682018041 degrees and raining made it an intimate evening at Maynards - but we are past 201,000 Moon miles, and we still picked up Trash - Go, Tucson! Thank you to SARSEF for joining us!
2019-02-11518346215395TMC made a commercial of us! That was really fun! Thank you to Gina Murphy-Darling/Mrs. Green's World for WellWalking us! And thanks to Maynards for the blankets!
2019-02-04517276104307Sprinkling rain and cold kept some away. The rest of us had a great time! That band is terrific!
2019-01-28516401176444WellWalk with Dr. Evans from TOI, Downtown Space Discovery at Chic Boutique & Spa and delicious Street Tacos! We all had so much fun!
2019-01-21515370274425MLK Night, Jazz Festival, Trash Night, and MTTM Prize Night! It was EPIC!
2019-01-14514377243423Thank you to Mrs. Green's World - Gina led our WellWalk! Congratulations to our Jannie on her 300 shirt!
2019-01-12513761294Wonderful celebration of BEYOND with Mercado Annex, a walk to Mission Garden lead by Roger Pfueffer and Caterpillar in the highlights, followed by a wonderful talk by Dr. Deanna Lewis about walking and community.
2019-01-07512357143392Thank you to our new Title Sponsor - HealthOn Tucson! Don't forget to join us at Beyond on Saturday!
2018-12-3151111877152Happy New Year! Congratulations to Jannie and Dave on their retirement! We all think the world of you both! See you next week...
2018-12-2451010815131Merry Christmas Eve! Beautiful night out for a walk with your family through our wonderful downtown.
2018-12-17509300166340MTTM Prize night and Trash Night! Way to clean up, Tucson! We announced our Beyond event for January 12.
2018-12-1050828753314What fun we had - Fired Pie was a great Dinner Call-Out choice!!
2018-12-0350727485302Welcome to The Scented Leaf, our newest Meet Me Restaurant! Low 50's made seating under the heaters just right!
2018-11-2650632598359Lovely night out, and great dinner at Reilly Craft Pizza afterward!
2018-11-195053301611373Lots of winners for MTTM prize night! Trash night was hugely popular!
2018-11-125043101810358Temps drop into the 50's! Brr! Great turnout at HealthOn and Cobra Arcade, though!
2018-11-05503381318442What a perfect evening for a walk. Thank you to Arizona Medicare Helpers for joining us. Welcome Ten55, our newest Meet Me restaurant.
2018-10-29502398145436Thank you to the Arizona Theatre Company for the Downtown Space Discovery Night! What a blast!
2018-10-22501310183346Tutu much fun! MTTM is almost to 100,000!! Way to go, everyone!
2018-10-15500341143374Congratulations on our 500th Meet Me at Maynards! We celebrated MTTM prizes and Trash Night in the rain!
2018-10-08499305258360Fall is in the air!!! Nice turnout tonight!
2018-10-01498217104250Hurricane Rosa clouds parted to give us a beautiful night downtown! Temps in the low 70s.
2018-09-24497247143281The weather was cooler and the full moon was glowing. Great night to get out!
2018-09-17496233203276MTTM Prizes, Well Walk and Trash Night! Beautiful night with new friends!
2018-09-1049525163275One week until next Moon prizes! WellWalk is really taking off!
2018-09-0349419993223Happy Labor Day!
2018-08-27493249173284Beautiful night to see many good friends, in the bright moonlight!
2018-08-20492219165251First month of Maynards to the Moon prizes were awarded! We're off to a great start!
2018-08-13491248127280Everyone is talking about the moon!
2018-08-06490191216230It was a hot one!!!
2018-07-3048920648238Maynards to the Moon hit 100 participants and 3000 miles tonight, after one week!!
2018-07-23488227196285It was 109 degrees!!! But that didn't stop us and it was a wonderful Blast Off for Maynards to the Moon!!!
2018-07-16487269176302One more week to "Maynards to the Moon!"
2018-07-09486220248264Not even 100 degrees today! Nice evening to announce the upcoming "Maynards to the Moon."
2018-07-02485219163245Hot summer in the City but a great day to be Downtown.
2018-06-25484202103222Great night for a walk in Downtown Tucson
2018-06-18483245214278Summer is here - we walk every Wednesday, monsoon or no monsoon
2018-06-11482236137268Great crowd. Cooled off nicely for a beautiful evening.
2018-06-04481207174236The hot day of summer. Good job to all who walked and ran at MMM
2018-05-28480209156245What a great Memorial Day. Thanks to everybody for celebrating with us.
2018-05-21479265204303Thanks to all who participated in Trash Monday. Downtown is sparkling!
2018-05-14478271104294Great day at MMM. Perfect evening for a walk
2018-05-07477285207327What an amazing Tucson evening. Dr. DeWald lead the DocWalk and made some nice comments at the end.
2018-04-30476365206409Welcome A Loyal Companion - they brought tons of dogs. It was a dog's world at MMM!
2018-04-23475373256418Great night. Raffle was epic!
2018-04-16474334346388A little windy - the Trash Monday folks had a great time and did a fabulous job cleaning up downtown.
2018-04-09473750168421201Perfect weather, amazing music, and wonderful time was had by all!! Happy Birthday MMM!!!
2018-04-02472393396460What a great night. Huge crowds and everybody excited about next week - the 9th birthday of MMM
2018-03-26471429344479Great Evening! Two weeks until the MMM Birthday Party!
2018-03-19470361333405Remember, closing/awards/raffle has been moved to 7pm. Still light!
2018-03-124694323312485Great night for MMM. Counting down to the Anniversary Party on April 9.
2018-03-05468404286452Big, rowdy crowd. Lots of award winners tonight.
2018-02-26467413105442A perfect Tucson winter night for a walk!!
2018-02-19466305224344Great night for a walk or run in Downtown Tucson!
2018-02-12465366225405Beautiful evening at MMM. Welcome Natalie Olendorf from TMC who led our DocWalk tonight.
2018-02-05464453376509Determined Luddites were on fire tonight. Great music at MMM!
2018-01-29463393358453Another great winter night in Tucson. Welcome to all the Gem Show folks from out of town.
2018-01-224623651112404Cool weather but MMM is heating up!
2018-01-15461412407476Couldn't have been a nicer night!
2018-01-084604152912470Big crowd, great weather. Great way to start 2018
2018-01-014592702416322Great way to start the New Year at Maynard's!
2017-12-25458138114160Our first Christmas MMM!
2017-12-1845727896305A chilly night the week before Christmas. Have a Merry Christmas!!
2017-12-11455359117396Beautiful weather for a great night walking and running downtown.
2017-12-04454413208457Weather is getting perfect!!
2017-11-27453379275428Jonathan Grinder introduced as the new Event Manager for MMM. It was a festive evening!
2017-11-204523923711458It was a picture perfect Tucson evening!!
2017-11-134514451712493Tonight St. Mary's brought their health fair Vida La Vida to MMM. It was nice!
2017-11-064503652212420Fall is in the air!
2017-10-30449348189394Perfect Tucson fall evening. Lots of costumes and two people who demonstrated that they lost 40 and 60 pounds each. Nice!
2017-10-23448394267444Save a pit bull group brought dogs and Register Me AZ registered people to vote.
2017-10-16447371248421What a perfect fall evening in Tucson!
2017-10-09446361369426Weather is perfect for a nice walk downtown!
2017-10-02445366359431What a great night be be downtown...or anywhere in Tucson!!
2017-09-25444344357405Fall is in the air!!!!
2017-09-18443328155364Weather was delightful and the crowd energetic!
2017-09-11442307247355The slightest hint of fall in the air, and a cheerful group of MMMers.
2017-09-04441244195287I little sprinkly, but a lovely Labor Day.
2017-08-28440311115345it was a warm one, but we loved it!
2017-08-21439320206365A little muggy, but that didn't stop us!
2017-08-07437305206350Nice summer evening...not too hot. 🙂
2017-07-24435283119320And it didn't rain!!
2017-07-17434258217304Dr. Hua came back to lead a DocWalk. Nice!
2017-07-1043326838294Didn't even hit 100 today!
2017-07-0343220167227On the eve of 4th of July.
2017-06-26431217108246It was another warm one. but what a nice time!
2017-06-19430238194268Wow, it was 113 degrees tonight, but that didn't stop the fun! Crossfit Milo did a demonstration for us and we had a dinner call-out for 32 at Delectables. Such fun!
2017-06-12429334204374It was a warm one, but no one seemed to care. 🙂
2017-06-05428327264371It was the firs really warm one, but that didn't stop us. Denise got her 400 shirt!!
2017-05-29427277389340What a wonderful Memorial Day! So many newbies who didn't have to work today!!
2017-05-224263806214475Tonight was just Tu Tu!! And we learned "Hands Only" CPR during World CPR Week.
2017-05-154254032111454It was a cool and perfect evening with so many awards in every category except 400.
2017-05-084243721912423A cool evening in the late delightful!!
2017-04-24422414287507A group of 44 people from Aveda came to promote clean water for third world countries.
2017-04-17421450268501Julie and Doug received their 400 shirts!!!
2017-04-10420825197521304Our 8th birthday party...25 bands/musicians/entertainers...perfect weather. What a wonderful evening!!
2017-04-03419412359470Not bad up against the NCAA National Championship basketball game!
2017-03-274185153518597It was a Chamber of Commerce kind if night in downtown Tucson. Wow!!
2017-03-204174343110500So much excitement about our birthday party!!
2017-03-13416488549573What a great crowd tonight!!
2017-03-06415489308546So much excitement over the 8th birthday on April 10!
2017-02-27414410349474Threat of rain, but it was perfect!!
2017-02-20413459268510The Presidents Day holiday brought lots of newbies!!
2017-02-06411484366540Another beautiful evening...lots of gem show guests. The History Walk had 15 people! Urban Pita is a new Meet Me Restaurant.
2017-01-30410483407542What a perfect Tucson winter night! Shirtsleeves!
2017-01-23409331123354Gusty winds and threat of rain scared people away, but it was beautiful!!
2017-01-16408375205418Chilly evening...first night for new design of patio.
2017-01-09407475619570Shirtsleeve weather on the patio. Wow!!! Gave away 18 tickets to the Jazz Festival.
2017-01-02406313307369Lots of newbies tonight for a chilly Tucson MMM.
2016-12-26405289248338Beautiful happy holiday crowd!
2016-12-19404322479396Two people earned Century shirts two people earned their Double Century shirts!
2016-12-12403387108424What a perfect evening!! Jannie enjoyed being surprised for her 70th birthday. Thank you everyone!!!
2016-12-05402392135425Perfect weather tonight!!
2016-11-28401389253431Chilly, but wonderful!!
2016-11-214003711354067th Anniversary for Trash Monday!!
2016-11-14399453355511Peace Corps volunteers came to walk with us.
2016-11-07398445214485Veyo came to recruit new drivers. Beautiful night.
2016-10-31397339173373Some great Halloween costumes and we gave away two UA basketball tickets!!
2016-10-24396314243357Rain until 6:00 made for a light, but happy crowd!
2016-10-17395436259501Tucson Symphony Orchestra Quintet performed for MMM. It was wonderful!!!
2016-10-103944702811530Pretty nice crown for Columbus Day. A bit warm out still.
2016-10-033934613413532First night for the MMM History Walk with a leader!
2016-09-26392313369375Fall is beautiful!! Too bad we had to compete with the presidential debate.
2016-09-19391417287467Perfect early fall evening. DocWalk was such a hit with new docs, Dr. Natalie Hua and Dr. Luis Esparza.
2016-09-12390343259389Rainy night for MMM!
2016-09-053892481712290A quiet night at MMM, due to a hugely successful Saguaro Run!
2016-08-293883772116433A beautiful new beginning at Maynards Kitchen.
2016-08-223874284015504It was tutu (August 22) night, and the tutus were wonderful!!! Fall is in the air!!!
2016-08-153863232711379Lots of trasher tonight keeping our downtown clean and beautiful!!
2016-08-083853421912392Not even 100 degrees tonight. Pretty nice!
2016-08-013843722013429A beautiful Tucson Monday!
2016-07-253833042912370Not so hot tonight...less than 100. Nice crowd and we welcomed Dr. Gupta from CareMore.
2016-07-18382309459379Not even 100 degrees tonight! A great night!
2016-07-11381296337349Hot, but not so bad tonight. Nice to welcome Dr. Mohaved from CareMore to the DocWalk.
2016-06-27379314234355Warm, but very nice evening...three MMM athletes achieved their 200 awards!
2016-06-20378231122257Too hot for some, but not for us!!
2016-06-133774063511470Pretty nice summer eve!!!
2016-06-06376288249335It was a hot one, but not too hot for MMM!!
2016-05-303754603612525Nice Memorial Day walk/run. So many smiling faces!!
2016-05-233745344814615Beautiful beginning to the summer!
2016-05-163735063313572Second night of detour and all went well. Monica's first night on duty.
2016-05-093725365014619Perfect spring evening! Everyone responded well to the new rout detour.
2016-05-023715625216653 A beautiful spring evening!
2016-04-253705518815681 The wind tried to blow us away!
2016-04-183695687716689How could the weather be better??
2016-04-11368918191301214Absolutely amazing birthday evening!!!
2016-04-043675443814621Great crowd for competing with the NCAA Championship game!
2016-03-283665765916678Perfect Tucson evening! Asics shoes brought shoes for testing!
2016-03-213655597415676So many newbies! It was wonderful!!
2016-03-143645815714684What a perfect 'Chamber of Commerce' evening in Tucson!!
2016-02-29362596013635Lots of leapers for Leaper Year!
2016-02-223615447714663Gorgeous!!! Lots of Turus for February 22!
2016-02-153605439513688What a perfect winter eve in Tucson. Happy President's Day!!
2016-02-083595475612640A gorgeous winter evening in Tucson. Amazing!!! Welcomed Johnny Gibson's Market as new Meet Me business.
2016-02-01358238186276Cold and blustery, but a good time all around. The Running Shop brought Asics for people to test drive.
2016-01-253574984914585What a great night. Cochise County Allstars were terrific. Added new Meet Me business, Laura Tanzer Designs.
2016-01-183564804212559 Finally, perfect weather! A wonderful night with the Jazz Fiesta!
2016-01-11355459478530Chilly, but sunny to start and wonderful!!
2016-01-04354240135269Chilly and rainy night, but what fun!! Hager's Journeys was welcomed as a new sponsor for MMM.
2015-12-28353348223389A chilly and exciting night. Met at Maynards due to the AZ Bowl Block Party. Great night!!
2015-12-21352362276419TWO Double Century athletes tonight. Merry Christmas!
2015-12-1435120412217A wet and cold and wonderful and warm evening at MMM. We gathered inside and it could not have been nicer!!!
2015-12-073504343015507 Hard to believe it's winter at 73°! Beautiful!
2015-11-303494342812501First chilly night at MMM. Beautiful!!
2015-11-233484813513557Beautiful evening in Tucson. Nice group for DocWalk.
2015-11-16347294158337Cold and windy!!!
2015-11-093465204815614It just keeps getting better! What a crowd we had at the DocWalk!
2015-11-023455504613636Perfect weather and very energetic crowd!! Dr. Dan invited everyone to the DocWalk.
2015-10-263444774110550What a beautiful evening. Great turnout even after Get Moving Tucson half marathon yesterday.
2015-10-193434482911518Perfect weather!! Gary got his 300 shirt tonight!
2015-10-123424174012491Nice crowd on Columbus Day. First DocWalk tonight had 20 participants. A great evening!!!
2015-10-053414454513524What a perfectly beautiful fall evening at MMM.
2015-09-283404283710500Roma got her Triple Century!!! It's finally cooling off! We ended up at Maynards by mistake tonight, but it went well anyway.
2015-09-21339282128328Threat of heavy rains, but the band played outside and it went great! Conference of event planners arrived for downtown experience and were greeted by MMM volunteers.
2015-09-14338373405440Pretty nice pre-fall MMM evening!!
2015-09-07337258287314Not so hot!! Lots of positive energy!!
2015-08-31336366225413Didn't rain after all!!
2015-08-24335376314427It was steamy, but wonderful for out last Throwback Monday. Lot's of people stayed for great dinner at the Market.
2015-08-17334308235353Muggy and wonderful. Lots of tarsiers!
2015-08-10333360356419A little muggy, but who caress'?!?!
2015-08-03332347234393Who says it's hot???
2015-07-27331370283422A warm and wonderful evening. So much energy for a summer night.
2015-07-20330380464449Pretty hot, but pretty neat too!
2015-07-13329309337367Another beautiful Tucson evening!
2015-07-06328341306392Didn't even hit 100 today!
2015-06-29327333274380Hot and wonderful throwback Monday...met at Maynards Market!
2015-06-22326319225365Great dinner call-out at HiFi...40 of us.
2015-06-15325344258398Some like it hot!!! PAG came to help with Trash Monday.
2015-06-08324413457487It was a hot one and a great evening at MMM!
2015-06-01323351397417A little hot, but who cares??
2015-05-25322285536362A beautiful Memorial Day evening at MMM.
2015-05-183214564310533Beautiful start to our summer. The Daily Star came to interview us about what we think are Tucson's best experiences. Trash night brought lot of trashers!
2015-04-27318481516560Julie and Doug received their Triple Century shirts for 300 times at MMM!! Perfect Tucson evening!
2015-04-20317455346513Lots of shirts and caps tonight and one Century Club! Nice night!!
2015-04-133166608718850Amazing 6th birthday evening for MMM!! 16 bands playing along the route. 24 raffle prizes and a delicious BBQ.
2015-04-063154563010522Perfect Tucson evening! Lots of awards and prizes. Only one week to our 6th birthday party!!
2015-03-30314476318534Another beautiful evening for MMM. the Nash family received their standing O for 200! Beautiful! Cesar Chavez Day kept the attendance down a bit.
2015-03-163125216211621What a night!! Perfect weather, free yogurt, Jannie got her 200 award. What could be better???!!!
2015-03-02310162148204Soggy but wonderful!!
2015-02-233095805113668International Space Station passed over our heads during closing ceremony! It was wonderful!
2015-02-163085724715661Yoga with Tiffany for the first time drew a crowd! Must have been a record for t-shirts!!
2015-02-093075485512639Six new \"Meet Me\" restaurants tonight!
2015-02-023065364711615What a beautiful evening at MMM!! Lots of shirts and caps and happy faces!
2015-01-263054373810503Not a drop of rain despite the dismal forecast. Don got his Double Century!!
2015-01-193045347712648Perfect weather!! Mayor came to thank MMM and Julie and Doug for five years of trash Mondays. What a night!!!
2015-01-123034353111495Beautiful evening, competing with the NCAA Championship game.
2015-01-053025073712576Perfect evening. 13 caps given tonight.
2014-12-293013464115425Chilly night for MMM. But lots of newbies!
2014-12-223003843213450Perfect night for our 300!
2014-12-152993793114447Cool evening. Great trasher night!
2014-12-082984342120500A shirtsleeve night at MMM!!! Free yogurt from Planet Smoothie and it was delicious!!
2014-11-242964263214491Cool and lovely night! Lots of nice gift certificates from Pierini\'s Jewelers..
2014-11-172955053318576Our first chilly night. 5th anniversary for trash, thanks to Julie and Doug. It was great!!
2014-11-102944464720537Nice crowd even though 40 of us were in Phoenix for the kick-off of Meet Me Downtown.
2014-11-032934996421619Tonight Carondelet Health Network sponsored our Field Trip to Mercado San Agustin. It was wonderful! Michael Keith and Roger Pfeuffer did walking tours of the area and people loved it. Then we had dinner at the Mercado, with discounts at Agustin Kitchen Bar, Seis and Blu Wine Bar.
2014-10-272924174318500Beautiful weather and great fun!! Lots of shirts and caps tonight, and even a few Halloween costumes.
2014-10-202914243016489Perfect weather. BBVA and Farmers Insurance were present. New computers tonight too. Nice evening!
2014-10-132904454018530Perfect evening!! Thriller Dance performed on the courtyard. Monster Mash promoted their event for Cystic Fibrosis. Lots of awards.
2014-10-062894166416520Beautiful evening for MMM. Lagunitas Brewery came to do a promo. What fun!
2014-09-292884285520530A perfect MMM fall evening. Biggest crowd since the spring.
2014-09-222873623014422We surprised the Meet Me Downtown Phoenix team with hundreds of balloons and a good luck sign. They were thrilled. Our walkers/runners carried MMDT balloons on the route and it was beautiful!
2014-09-152863501917405A beautiful fall evening. Two friends from our Boise \"Meet Me Monday\" were here and had a great time. Trashers were out in force!
2014-09-082852741921332Poured buckets in Tucson all day!!! Then a perfect cool and clear night at MMM.
2014-09-012842323715300It was a warm Labor Day, but beautiful!!
2014-08-25283324293540885 Degrees in August. Nice!! Mariachi Milagro played for us at Janos Downtown Kitchen.
2014-08-182823726116472Beth from Antidote provided free massage as we enjoyed our last \"Throwback Monday\" for the summer at Maynards Market.
2014-08-112812955215381On and off rain all evening...should have gotten a photo of volunteers holding the tarp over the people registering!! But a happy wet crowd! Rachel the bartender told us she will be leaving in two weeks for a Monday night class. Everyone was sad about that. Gabriela will take her place.
2014-08-042803262821399Nice evening! Not even 100 degrees.
2014-07-282793072517370Another beautiful Tucson evening.
2014-07-212783003821377Beth from Antidote Body Therapies provided free massage. It was also Trash Night. Great evening!
2014-07-142773052213357Beautiful cool evening. Name that Sponsor contest was a huge hit!!
2014-07-072763071215348The air cooled at about 4:30 and it was the 80s. They moved us to Maynards and forgot to tell us, but after the confusion at the start it turned out great!
2014-06-302752542916316Hot, hot, hot...but that didn\'t stop us!
2014-06-232742783420346It was only 101 tonight! 🙂 Lot\'s of happy faces, and three Double Centuries...Bob Howard and Paul and Randy Wagner.
2014-06-162732923222369It was "Throwback Monday" at MMM tonight. We returned to our roots at Maynards Market. Great to reminisce!!
2014-06-092723313112390It was a hot one for sure, but that didn\'t stop us from having a wonderful MMM. Thanks to Mike for the great photos.
2014-06-022712784718361Never too hot for MMM!
2014-05-262702533814321It wasn\'t so hot at all. We had a great time at MMM...lots of shirts, caps, pins and two Centuries. What fun!! Get out!!!
2014-05-192694425224548Beautiful night! Pima Animal Care adopted out two dogs and several people took certificates for future. Pima Prevention Partnership had a good night of recruiting volunteers.
2014-05-122684234918510What a nice night. Thanks BBVA Compass for joining us.
2014-05-052674344527530Another beautiful Tucson evening at MMM!
2014-04-282664735128578What a nice night. Sorry Dave and I had to miss it, as we are in Barcelona.
2014-04-212654526424566Beautiful!! Where are you going to find more smiling faces on a Monday night???
2014-04-142644236722540A lighter crowd due to Passover and "tax eve". A beautiful evening and a happy crowd. Coronet became a new supporting restaurant.
2014-04-072637021556010525th Birthday Party!! What a perfect evening of exercising, friends, music and good food!
2014-03-312615015624603It was a "Chamber of Commerce evening" in Tucson and at MMM!
2014-03-242604994527601Warm and wonderful. We had 13 people who earned shirts and nine for caps!
2014-03-172594626227587Shirtsleeves and smiling faces! Running Shop brought Asics for us to test drive. What a beautiful night. Loads of prizes!
2014-03-102585139527655What a perfect evening. Lots of shirts tonight. And Steve Ahart is back taking photos. Nice!!!
2014-03-032575326225640Delightful evening. Light lasted almost to closing ceremony. Four Century shirts!!!
2014-02-242565236926642Shirtsleeves in February. What a wonderful evening! Lots of prizes tonight and lots of smiles!
2014-02-172554466926560Perfect summer night in the middle of winter!! Perfect!!
2014-02-102544756127589A perfect Tucson evening! So many smiling faces!!
2014-02-032533175615404Brrrrr!!! And rainy too!!
2014-01-2725244310015574Beautiful Tucson evening!! Lots of newbies!
2014-01-202515215722617Martin Luther King Day!!! Warm and gorgeous evening!!
2014-01-132504747220582A little breezy but beautiful! Lots of caps and shirts tonight!
2014-01-112491225125201BEYOND special MMM. Amazing day and a walk with the Mayor!
2014-01-062483948321520Chilly and nice!!
2013-12-302473426020438Perfect ending of 2013!!
2013-12-232462694718350Beautiful Tucson evening...both MMM and MMLE for Christmas.
2013-12-162453585223451Perfect evening!! Saw the Julian Drew Condos on our walk/run. Neat!
2013-12-092442912518350Chilly!!! But great night!
2013-12-022433975726500Nice night. Parking miscommunication, but ParkWise assured us that MMM can park in the triangle lot for free.
2013-11-252423425826446First chilly night. Food drive for Food Bank a success!
2013-11-182414338126562Perfect Tucson evening! 4th anniversary for Trash Mindays...68 trashers!!!
2013-11-112403396524448Perfect fall evening. Call-out at new Maynards Market. Nice!!
2013-11-052393855226481Beautiful evening, but check-in down for first hour!! Yikes!!
2013-10-212374008222516Perfect October evening!
2013-10-14236379872650280 degrees and beautiful! Check in worked!!
2013-10-0723532911820479Beautiful evening!!!
2013-09-3023427613420440First paperless night. Went well!
2013-09-092313632918410Nice evening!!
2013-07-152232573810305Poured at 5:05!!!
2013-07-082223022816346Hot and muggy
2013-06-172192992615340106 degrees
2013-06-102182684112321107 degrees!
2013-05-272162412712280Mem'l Day
2013-04-292124264620492First warm night
2013-04-152105879630713Windy and beautiful
2013-04-082092613010301Windy and awful!
2013-04-012084936720580Perfect evening!
2013-03-182064783818534Perfect evening!
2013-02-252034154820483Chilly night
2013-02-182024296825522Nice! TCB call out
2013-02-11201905196Rain/40 degrees!!!
2013-02-042004712789587Perfect! 200th!!
2013-01-21198407732350375 degrees!!!
2013-01-071963803222434Cold!! But nice!
2012-12-31195148155168Cold NYE!!
2012-12-24194118134135Beautiful XMAS Eve
2012-12-031913623616414Beautiful night
2012-11-261903752622423Beautiful night
2012-11-191893493622407B-ball game
2012-11-121883904824462Veterans' Day
2012-11-051874073827472Nice night!
2012-10-291864604436540Halloween! Nice!
2012-10-221853955330478Pres debate
2012-10-151844493838525Nice night!!
2012-10-081834024232476Columbus Day
2012-09-241813815426461Beautiful night!
2012-09-171804037228503Beautiful night!!
2012-09-101792553016301Pouring at 4:15!!
2012-09-031782615518334Labor Day!
2012-08-271773275727411Nice night
2012-08-201763603831429Nice night
2012-07-301733764833457Warm but nice
2012-07-231722711816305Poured at 4:45!!
2012-07-161712943223349Steamy night
2012-07-091702934224359Steamy night!
2012-07-021692862518329Nice night
2012-06-181672633018311108 degrees!!
2012-05-281642434415302Mem'l Day
2012-05-211633052020345107 degrees!!!
2012-05-141623954125461Warm but nice
2012-05-071614183732487Perfect weather
2012-04-301604473036513Nice night
2012-04-231594252922476Windy and hot
2012-04-161584986044602Nice night
2012-04-09157633113558013rd B-day/perfect
2012-04-021564084425477Cool/NCAA finals
2012-03-19154256144274Cold and wet!!
2012-02-061484877645608Chilly but nice
2012-01-301475289950677Beautiful night!!
2012-01-231464626041563Perfect night!!
2012-01-161454246038522MLK Day…445
2012-01-091444765742575Chilly but nice
2012-01-021433607135466Beautiful!1st HoCo
2011-12-261422275822307Day after Xmas
2011-12-191412892418331Cold and gray
2011-12-1214019082200Cold and raining
2011-11-281384566641563Perfect weather
2011-11-211373603231423Cloudy w rain
2011-11-071353493230411First cold night!!
2011-10-101314765843577Columbus Day
2011-09-121272164315274Pouring rain!!
2011-09-051262465324323Labor Day…209
2011-07-04117104144122Pouring rain!!!
2011-06-27116248479304113 degress!!
2011-06-061133926140493Post MMD race
2011-05-3011235614948553Mem'l Day
2011-01-3195253309292Cold night
2011-01-17933556921445MLK Day…162
2010-11-2986236404280cold and windy!!!
2010-11-15843005635391Day after 1/2 M
2010-09-137531163354095000th athlete
2010-09-06741623116209Labor Day
2010-08-23722493024303102 degrees
2010-08-167128933203421st day of school
2010-06-07612648328375104 Degrees
2010-05-31601839423300Mem'l Day
2010-05-245941413044588Biggest night
2010-05-105735316235550Record newbies
2010-04-12535038381667Rock & Stroll
2010-01-1841121329162MLK Day
2009-10-19282026215279Second biggest
2009-10-1227144579210Columbus Day
2009-09-0722104436153Saguaro Run
2009-07-131494184116109 degrees
2009-05-2571007312185Mem'l Day
2009-08-20013324191764th Ave. Parade