Rules and FAQs

Maynards to the Moon begins on July 23, 2018 and continues to July 22, 2019.
You may register as a team or as an individual.

One person who registers as an individual
Log in all miles,  EXCEPT Meet Me at Maynards and Meet Me Wednesdays. MMM and MMW miles are automatically added to the total based on attendance.
Miles may be logged on the MMM website daily or weekly. 

Name your team. Be creative, but appropriate please.
Enter your team on website
Tell all your friends to join your team.
Log all your miles, EXCEPT for MMM and MMW miles.
Each team member logs his/her own miles.
Be aware that if your team doesn’t measure up to team member expectations, people can resign your team and join another. Ouch!

  • FAQs:

I am having trouble getting a password….Go to the registration box on the homepage of the website. Enter your email address associated with your account and select the option to change your password (even though you don’t have one now.) They will send you a password (check your junk mail if you don’t see it). Either use the one they sent, or make up your own. Be sure you follow the instructions about your password (and be sure you save it somewhere else). Now you can log in and enter your miles.

Do I have to register right away?…No, register anytime in the year.

Can I log in miles walked at MMM or MMW?…No, those miles are automatically logged in according to attendance.

Do I have to be part of MMM to register?…No, but it will be more fun if you do.

Can I count miles walked on the treadmill?…Yes

Can I count miles walked outside of Arizona…Yes, every mile counts…everywhere!

Can I count cycling miles?…Yes, one mile for every three miles on a bicycle.

If I walk on Monday night, but do not attend or check-in at MMM, can I count my miles…Yes

Do walking and running miles count the same?…Yes

Can I log in steps instead of miles?…No, but you can divide your steps by 2000 to get miles.

Can I log in swimming miles?…Yes, three walking miles for one swimming mile.

Can I log in a portion of a mile, such as .8 mile?…No