Urban Hiking Club

Next Urban Hike Friday, February 27

For those who are new to our Urban Hiking Club…we started out on trails in the mountains several years ago and then morphed into the “Urban” things two years ago. My good friend Bob House would lead more challenging hikes, as an alternative to mine. Those of us who are strong, steady and ready for a challenge really enjoy hiking with Bob. 
I repeat…you should go on this hike if you are steady and strong and have good endurance. On the other hand, Bob promises to bring back at least 90% of the hikers he starts with. 
Respond directly to Bob.

Hike: Wild Horse / Douglas Springs Loop

Date: Thursday,  Feb. 27

Time: 9:30 a.m

Duration: 2.5 -3 hours

Trailhead: Douglas Springs Trailhead, Dead End of East Speedway, small parking lot, no facilities, parking on both sides of the road.

Elevation Change: 2760-3600 feet appx.

Distance: 5- 5.5 miles appx.

Hike Description: a moderate hike that takes Garwood Trail up to Wild Horse trail and winding east on the Three Tanks Trail back to Douglas Springs and back to the parking area on Speedway.  While we have done sections of this hike, I have not done this beautiful loop with a great overview of the valley in a while. The climbing is mostly on the front end and descending out DS trail.

Bring the usual gear, snacks, hiking sticks, whatever you need to get you through!
I consider this a moderate hike but some steady climbing particularly in the first hour. 

Please RSVP directly to me roberthouse@comcast.net

Here are photos from the last one!



Let me know if you will join me…jcoxaz@gmail.com


Jannie’s 60+(approximately) Urban Hiking Club
Younger hikers welcome if you can keep up. 🙂

October to May

Pretty simple…
Here’s what we do:

Meet at a coffee shop in Tucson or at least close
Walk about 4-5 miles in an urban setting
Return to the coffee shop for coffee and social time.


Urban Hikes are not sponsored by TMC, El Rio or HealthOn Tucson. Robert House and Jannie Cox are not professional hike leaders, and offers no expertise or qualifications.  
Walk at your own risk.