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Carol Nigut, Coldwell Banker Residential, was the first. Carol says:
“From a marketing perspective, it was very productive. I’d love to be the “go to” REALTOR® for MMM.  I can’t think of a better event for me to get behind.  I already rave about it to friends and more importantly to clients who are snowbirds.  I am a huge fan of promoting downtown in general so it feels like a perfect fit”.

Be a visiting business at MMM on Monday evenings. A few simple guidelines:

Your business must not compete with any MMM sponsor…see homepage for sponsors.

You may promote your product at MMM. You may not sell products, or allow any exchange of money at MMM, including fundraising for charitable purposes.

You may work from your table, but not “work the crowd.”

Bring your own up-to 6 ft. table. Your display must be contained within your table space.

Four spaces available…first come first served.

$100 per week.

  • Recommendations to vendors:
  • *Set-up by 5:00 pm to see early-birds, and stay to 7:15. Emcee will introduce you and your business twice before the 6:45 closing ceremony and once during the closing ceremony.
  • *Prepare and send 50 words or less for emcee to use for introduction at 7:00 pm. Longer statements will be shortened to 50 words or less.
  • *If you would like to offer a free “door prize” at your table, for a retail product/ restaurant gift card with a value of $25 or more (no discounts as prizes), you may describe your prize in 25 words or less, in addition to your 50-word intro. Tickets for your “door prize” must be free. Meet Me Concepts reserves the right to decline prizes. Your prize will be given out by the emcee as the last prize of the evening. Take your prize tickets to the emcee, who will do the drawing. Copy about your prize may be emailed at a later date.


Your reservation will be complete when form (below) is completed and check for $100 is received:
Make check to:
Meet Me Concepts, LLC

Mail to:
Meet Me Concepts, LLC
c/o Jannie Cox
1961 Mesa Park View
Colorado Spring, CO 80904


COMPLETE REGISTRATION FORM BELOW…be sure to fill out all required fields.

Space Rental

Rent space for your table at Meet Me at Maynards
    I have reviewed the MMM sponsors and my business does not compete in any way with any sponsor. Nor does my business compete with Hotel Congress, Maynards Kitchen or Maynards Market.
    I understand that I must bring my own up-to 6 ft. table and place it at or very near the space I select. I will work from my table only and will not "work the crowd."
  • Please provide 50 words or less for your introduction by our MC.
  • Date you would like to attend MMM.