Vendor Guest FAQs

Some things you may want to know before your visit to Meet Me at Maynards.

Best to be set up by 5:00 pm and plan to stay until after the closing ceremony, which takes place at 6:45 in fall/winter and 7:00 in spring/summer.

Please submit in writing  a short statement you would like the emcee to say about you. We will do our best to do that more than once during the evening, but it will be done for sure at the closing ceremony.

You are welcome to promote your business from your table, but not to “work the crowd.” Let them come to you. No money is exchanged at MMM for any reason. Your display must fit on one 6′ table, which we will provide for you…no free-standing displays.

How will the evening go?
Participants will check in beginning around 5:00 pm, although our official opening time is 5:15.

Then they will go for their walk or run and will return between 6:15 and 7:00. The biggest crowd is on site at that time. They will disperse quickly after the closing ceremony.

You may want to go for a walk from about 6:00 to 6:30, as the patio will be quiet.

Other questions?
Feel free to call Jannie Cox at 520 548-3741