• How did you come up with the idea for MMM?
    We modeled it after a similar successful event in Colorado Springs, CO called Jack Quinn’s Runners. Click here to check them out. If you are in Colorado Springs be sure you run/walk with them any Tuesday.

  • Where do I park?
    Street parking is free after 5:00 PM. MMM can park for free in the surface lot just west of Maynards and the Train Depot. There are also Centro Garage at 4th and Toole and a Depot Garage just across 5th St. from the Hotel Congress courtyard.

  • Are kids welcome? 
    Please bring your kids. If you want them to get awards, please register them. Every child must have a distinct and different email address. No two individuals can register with same email. Sorry, but the system won’t work any other way.

  • Can I bring my dog? 
    But of course! Just be sure he/she is on a leash.  You are all welcome on the patio at Maynard’s and Hotel Congress. No promises about the other restaurants. Barking dogs disturb other guests.

  • What happens when I get there?
    Good idea to come early for your first walk/run…by 5:15. Registration opens at 5:15. You will register once and then check-in is very easy. You can do it on your smart phone or from your computer. Just go to the MMM website anytime to register, and after 3:00 pm on Mondays to check in.

  • What about incentive awards?  
    We will keep a record of how many times you have attended, as you earn a MMM t-shirt after eight Mondays, you are listed on the website as a MMM Athlete at 10 Mondays, receive a MMM cap at 15, a MMM pin at 50 and a MMM Century Club shirt at 100…and on and on!!

  • How will I know the route?
    You will receive a map or printed directions.  On the back of the route guide you will find a list of restaurants that offer Monday night discounts to MMM Athletes. You must have a hand stamp to receive the discounts. Discounts specific to each restaurant are listed on our website….click on “Discounts” each Monday before you come.

  • Does the event go on, even on holidays?
    Yes, unless we notify you otherwise. Maynards and Cup Cafe will be open for dining afterward. We cannot promise holiday hours for the other restaurants on our route, so be sure you check with them first.

  • Do we walk/ run when it is dark? 
    Yes we do, so you must bring a flashlight. You will find a loaner box of blinking lights to attach to your left arm…take one before you start and please return it when you finish.

  • What is the route?
    The route is a total of four+ miles, and passes some historic sites, some important downtown “landmarks”, beautiful homes and B&Bs, and most of the great restaurants and bars that participate by offering discounts exclusive to MMM Athletes.

  • What about restaurant discounts? 
    On the back of your route guide you will find a list of restaurants and bars in the downtown/4th Avenue area that are all offering special discounts exclusive to MMM Athletes.  Cup Cafe at Hotel Congress offers $2 off large plates, and the lobby bar offers a great bar menu. Check the website each Monday before you come, to make sure you have the latest discount updates from 25+ downtown restaurants. They change frequently. 

  • Maynards Market Beverages:

  • $2 sessions (tax included)

    $5 GL of wine of the month red or white (plus tax)

    $3.50 draft beer pints (plus tax)

  • What’s this about a raffle? 
    Don’t miss the weekly free raffle for gift certificates for local restaurants and businesses. Plus, each week we give away a $25 gift certificate from our exclusive shoe sponsor, The Running Shop. Just enter the drawing when you check in…then be present at 6:45 for the drawing. That is also the time we give awards to those who have earned them.

  • How will the restaurant know I am a MMM Athlete so I can get my discount?
    You must have your MMM hand stamp…get at the check-in table.

  • How do I get listed on the website?
    Attend 10 MMM Mondays.

  • Can I get water on the route when the weather is hot?
    Yes, at the following places:

  • Maynard’s Market (before and after)

  • El Charro Cafe

    Janos Downtown Kitchen

    Shanty (drop in for free bottled water during or after)

  • How do I get a MMM t-shirt or cap?
    Attend eight (8) MMM Mondays for a free t-shirt…you can buy for $5.

    At 15 Mondays you will earn a MMM cap…you can buy for $15.

  • Is there a group start or do I go on my own?
    There is not a group start, look for the “walk with a leader'” sign for 5:30 and 5:45 starts. You may start your walk/run anytime you wish. If you start before check-in opens, you may check-in after. You must check in every Monday to earn your incentive awards.

  • Do I have to do the MMM Cheer?
    Absolutely! Get out!!!