Free Raffle

Our “Meet Me” restaurants give us one gift certificate each month for our free raffle, which takes place at 6:30pm every Monday.  You must be present to win. 

If you bring a friend & it is their first time to our event, both you and your friend will receive an additional raffle ticket.

If you pick up trash on the 3rd Monday of the month, you will receive an extra raffle ticket.

If you are a volunteer, your will receive 2 extra raffle ticket on the day you volunteer.

If you happen to miss the raffle because you are dining in one of our “Meet Me” restaurants, keep your receipt. Put your name, email and phone on the receipt & next week drop it in the raffle box. Our first draw will be one of the receipts. You do not have to be present to win that one. We will send you an email and hold your prize until raffle time two weeks later. If you have not claimed your prize, it will go back in the raffle. Ask anyone at the check-in table for the prize.