Maynards to the Moon

Registration is open…Click here.

7/23/18 to 7/22/19
NEW DATES!!! 7/23/18 TO 4/1/19!!

We’re almost there!!!
Don’t miss the party at MMM April 1!!!



In celebration of a healthy community and the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon (7/20/19), Meet Me at Maynards and the Tucson community is walking 238,000 miles to the moon. We intended to arrive on or before July 22, 2019. But we  are WAY ahead of schedule…so jump in and help us finish!!) Every mile you run/walk from Tuesday to Sunday! Miles walked at MMM will be automatically counted and added to the over all total.

Registration is open! CLICK HERE If you’re an MMM athlete, just login with your email, request a password, accept or change the one they send you, and enter your miles. If you are new to MMM, register today and log your miles. 

You must be a resident of Southern Arizona, but your miles can be walked/run/cycled anywhere.

Measuring miles:
Walking/running miles count the same
Three cycling miles = one walking mile
One swimming mile = three walking miles

Enter as individual or team:
Join any team you wish…all teams listed on website.
Your team not pulling its weight??? Resign and join another. Maybe someone will buy you (just kidding) to help their team win one of the many prizes along the way. Earn prizes…info below.

Get your free official MTTM wristband at MMM after you register. Please wear it until we reach 238,000 miles, and tell absolutely everyone about MTTM! No, you don’t have to attend MMM to be a participant, but it will be much more fun if you do. To receive MTTM prizes at MMM, you must be wearing your wristband.

Measure all your miles regularly…every mile you log in (other than at MMM) will be added (real-time) to the total miles on the MMM and Arizona Daily Star websites.
The Arizona Daily Star will report total miles regularly, with feature articles about individuals, teams and other MMM and fitness-related topics.



Most miles for individual

Most miles for team (half of team must be present)
Most effort (# of activities). That’s right…you can win prizes for having the most activities, even if you don’t have the most miles. Just get out there every day!! 
The top five activity people who are present will receive $10 gift cards. In case of tie, winner will be drawn. You may win only one month.

If you have registered and logged in miles, you are eligible for a drawing at MMM on prize night. You may win a prize one month only.

5 $10 gift cards in drawing for all active participants present
5 $10 gift cards in drawing for active individuals with most activities
$25 gift card at Maynards Market for most individual miles
$50 party at MMM on prize night, for most team miles…1-10 members.
$75 party at MMM on prize night for most team miles…11+ members.
In case of a tie, winners will be drawn from those tied
Miles winners (team or individual) entered in final drawing for $100 gift card
Results are tallied at 6:00 pm on the Sunday before prizes awarded.

Must be present at MMM on prize night to win
At least half of a team must be present to receive prize
Must be wearing MTTM wristband
May win only one month during year
“Active participant/team” has logged in activities weekly since registration
Volunteer team that determines winners has the final say